Thursday, September 11, 2008

big pigs

last week when we were walking the coastal path at land's end (the farthest west point in england), and i got charged by a snorting pig.. i thought it was the noise my raincoat made in the wind.
today i got to test the theory when we were walking the same path, but close to penzance. we came upon a field with 2 big pigs. i called them over, "soo-ey." they came without the fierce look i saw the other day. i wouldn't say i was any less afraid. they are twice the size of me! i thought pigs were small. now im getting nervous about our help-exchange host situation in france: rare breed pig farm.
i hope rare breed means small.


Cindy said...

Kelly & Christopher, you are excellent writers! Love your senses of humor. Have fun and safe travels. -cindy & eric

Mom said...

Maybe you should try to schedule something else in France. Those pigs seem to have something for you Kelly.

Anonymous said...

Did you try putting lipstick on any of the pigs...? ~ NJD